ITU-T Workshop on Security, Seoul, 13 May, 2002
Session 3 Speech
Information Security Technology Study Group
Chief Secretary
Kazuhiko Watanabe
    Ladies and gentlemen, I am Kazuhiko Watanabe, Chief Secretary of Information Security Technology Study Group. It is a great honor to be here today. I would like to take a moment to appreciate Dr. Ohno for having me.
    I would like to start with the new subjects and threat in information security, based on the present condition of the information security in Japan.
    For the effective and excellent countermeasure, the balance of confidentiality, integrity and availability is necessary.

    Also we can categorize in three aspects of information security; human security, technical security and physical security.
    For human security, we need to clarify the security policy of human and systematic information and need to define the activity to meet the policy.
For technical security, the prevention of unauthorized access is necessary, and for physical security, the effort to minimize damage of the invasion from a natural disaster, or by a third group.

    How to protect information from the threats such as natural disaster, equipment failure or illegal act, would be the key of countermeasures we could take. Especially in the information leakage; information tapping and watching.
    When we say "information leak," most of the cases were based on a network or a human act, and the countermeasures were taken as such.
    However, probably these measures are not as sufficient as they were. Here I would like you to focus on the Electro Magnetic Wave information leakage.
    From the main body of devices of IT apparatus, such as a personal computer, feeble electromagnetic wave is emitted. And the electromagnetic wave includes the Input and Output information. The information leakage in the electromagnetic wave we are talking about is that the information has been tapped from the contents displayed on the monitor screen, that the contents entered on the keyboard has been stolen.

    Since the great portion of the contents inputted will be retrieved and displayed, there is a danger, for example, the encoded data on the network could be stolen from the image information; or the password, which would not be displayed on the screen could be stolen from the inputted information on the keyboard.
    Electromagnetic wave leakage@may also become the factor that causes not only the information leakage, but also the malfunction of other devices. A server could stop by the attack in electromagnetic wave from outside.
    Because of the technical difficulty and cost consumption of this reproduction of information from the electric wave signal, the possibility of the threat has been underestimated.
    Here is the data of how people can easily purchase necessary apparatus and devices for electromagnetic wave tapping and watching. Data is based on research of in the three areas including Akihabara, the largest electric retail store district in Japan.
    You can see the retail sellers which deals with 1) tapping devices, 2) measuring instruments, 3) radio devices, walkie-talkie, and noise filter.
    From the data, I would say that it is necessary to take a "electromagnetic wave leakage" into consideration as a threat of an information security.
    IST Study Group, of which I am the Chief Secretary, consisting 35 Japanese enterprises, was established in September 2001, with NTT DATA CORPORATION, Coteau Vert Company Limited. and JVC, Victor Company of Japan, Limited. taking the lead.

    IST Study Group is mainly focus on research and analysis of information leakage, intentional and unintentional hazard and devastation of IT devices, in the aspect of information security. As well as the research, we are in hope that our research and endeavor will be the enlightenment to the general people.
    I am very happy to see some of the members of the secretariat being here with us today, along with Mr. Miyasaka, our Vice Chairman of Technical Section, Mr. Tokoro, Chief of the Third Committee, and Mr. Sakai, Chief of the Fourth Committee.

    IST Study Group has been gaining a great recognition in Japan.
I would ask you to keep a closer look at our activity in the future.

    I believe the IST Study Group, working on information security very actively, is also important for the security study of ITU.

    As a closing, I wish world peace on the success on the coming FIFA World Cup Korea/Japan.

    Thank you.
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